Grammar or vocabulary? A blurry line


      This article has been written by Julie Moore, who is an ELT Materials Developer.   Most language learning coursebooks include grammar activities and vocabulary activities. As teachers, we talk about ‘teaching grammar’ and ‘teaching vocabulary’. Grammar and vocabulary are two of the key strands of language learning, yet are they really as […]

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Collins COBUILD English Grammar: a functional grammar


      This article has been written by Penny Hands, who is one of the contributors to the Collins COBUILD English Grammar   Most people who study and use a language are interested in how they can do things with the language – how they can express their feelings and wishes, get attention, influence […]

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‘Flipping’ the classroom: easier than we think?


In the last couple of years, I’ve occasionally come across articles and conference presentations on the topic of ‘the flipped classroom’. It’s a concept that’s not new, but when I brought it up in conversations with a number of colleagues (I was talking about an upcoming presentation for IATEFL), I realised that few of us […]

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Life after IELTS – helping students to meet academic (writing) expectations


How to best help students to make the transition from IELTS essays to academic writing? How can we help students when they realise that writing styles and levels of formality that may have worked fine in an IELTS essay are suddenly regarded as inappropriate at university? Els van Geyte, author of the Writing title in […]

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Dictionary evolution: Exploiting modern referencing tools to the max

Julie Moore photo

Julie Moore & Lisa Sutherland held a session on ‘Dictionary evolution: Exploiting modern referencing tools to the max‘ at IATEFL in Manchester. Their presentation slides are now available, and they include plenty of practical teaching tips and information about future plans for the Collins Corpus.  Download Slides: Dictionary evolution: Exploiting modern referencing tools to the […]

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