New COBUILD Dictionaries – out now!

Today is the day! Two brand-new editions of the popular and well-liked COBUILD dictionaries are published.

To find out more about these dictionaries and what COBUILD stands for, why not browse our new COBUILD catalogue?









Authentic, accurate and up-to-date English

All of the explanations, examples and special features in COBUILD dictionaries are
based on the 4.5-billion-word database of the English language, the Collins Corpus.
This means that learners and teachers around the world can trust COBUILD to help
them speak and write accurate and up-to-date English. The corpus is updated every
month and has been at the heart of Collins COBUILD for over 25 years.

All COBUILD Dictionaries include:

  • Full sentence definitions: All words and phrases are covered in depth and explained in full sentences to show words in context.
  • Authentic examples: Real-life examples of English from the Collins Corpus show how words are used in everyday language.
  • Up-to-date coverage of today’s English: COBUILD dictionaries are based on the constantly updated 4.5-billion-word database of today’s English language, the Collins Corpus.
  • Frequency: The most important words are clearly labelled to indicate which words to learn first.
  • Vocabulary-building features: All COBUILD dictionaries include a wide range of features to help learners use English with accuracy and confidence.