COBUILD Idioms and Phrasal Verbs 

Idioms and phrasal verbs drive you up the wallHit the ground running with the new editions of the COBUILD Idioms Dictionary and the COBUILD Phrasal Verbs Dictionary.


Providing in-depth information on thousands of British and American idioms and phrasal verbs, they are essential reference titles to help learners of English gain a fuller understanding of the language.

Both books now also contain self-study exercises to help learners of English remember the idioms and phrasal verbs they have learnt, and how to use them. There are also free additional worksheets available online at

No more guessing games or relying on teacher intuition. Working from a regularly updated corpus of over 4.5 billion words taken from authentic sources, Collins COBUILD products provide learner-friendly resources on how words are really used.

Dr Wayne Trotman, Teacher Trainer at Izmir Katip Celebi University, Turkey

And if you don’t do things by halves – there’s more idioms and phrasal verbs practice available from Collins:

Collins Work on your Idioms focuses on the most common 300 idioms. Each idiom is covered in depth, with clear examples, definitions and exercises to help you to really learn how and when to use the idioms correctly.  

Collins Work on your Phrasal Verbs presents the 400 most common phrasal verbs so that you learn the ones that you really need to know. Each phrasal verb is covered in depth with clear examples, definitions and exercise so you become confident in using them.