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Effective International Business Communication – OUT NOW 


Is good international communication just a question of how good you are at English? No, says Bob Dignen, communications expert and author of Collins Effective International Business Communication. It’s equally important to understand communication processes and styles.

The characteristics of a ‘good’ communicator can’t easily be tracked down, says Bob Dignen in an interview published in the January issue of Business Spotlight. ‘Good communicators think situationally’ because ”good’ will be defined by the situation, not by some abstract ideal’.

Effective International Business Communication by Bob Dignen with Ian McMaster is a guide that helps you use the right style of communication at the right time to get your message across clearly in any situation. But it’s not all about speaking – the title also helps you listen more effectively to create better understanding. With the advice given in this book you’ll be able to handle challenging meetings with native and non-native speakers of English, build successful relationships, and manage conflict.

Effective International Business Communication will be available in bookshops and online from 31 January 2013. If you’d like to have a look, please download a sample unit here. You can also read the first page of the Business Spotlight interview with Bob Dignen on the Business Spotlight website (scroll down, and click on the image next to BUSINESS SKILLS: Communication’ to start reading).

English for Life: Writing – Intermediate is Book of the Month 

Another fantastic review of a Collins title has been published in the EL Gazette this month. Pete Sharma recommends Collins English for Life: Writing Intermediate  for self-study and as classroom supplement. He praises the  ‘Useful Information’ section in each unit, and particularly likes the unit on tweeting. You can read the full review at the bottom of this entry. 

Collins English for Life: Writing Intermediate is part of a four-book skills series. There is one complete book to help students with each of the four skills – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. And the good news is that the Pre-intermediate level of this series will be published at the end of this month! If you’d like a sneak peek, download some sample units in our General English section


Pete Sharma, EL Gazette, January 2013.