Video: Preparing lower-level students for IELTS

How can we help lower-level learners to prepare for the IELTS exam? Does it make sense to offer them specific exam preparation while they are still struggling with basic language abilities? How do we need to modify our exam preparation materials so they are suitable?

Watch Fiona Aish and Jo Tomlinson answer these questions in their session Preparing lower-level students for IELTS.

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Fiona Aish Jo Tomlinson

Fiona and Jo are the authors of several books in the Collins English for Exams series, and are also both directors of Target English Ltd, a company that provides personalised exam training and academic support services to students and universities.

If you’d like to read more, Fiona and Jo also wrote a short companion piece on the subject for the British Council Voices blog.

Jo and Fiona’s latest book is called Lectures, and part of Collins’ Academic Skills Series. You can find out more about Lectures directly from Jo and Fiona in this blog post.

More about Fiona and Jo’s books:

Listening for IELTSGrammar for IELTS, and Get Ready for IELTS: Writing will be of interest to IELTS learners and teachers alike. With a guided-learning approach and practical exam strategies and tips, they are perfect for use in self-study at the pre-intermediate level.

Listening for IELTS Grammar for IELTS Get Read for IELTS Writing